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“Marie Chartreuse is a little bit Antoinette, a little bit absinthe, and a dash of naughty. Shaken not stirred (of course).”

- Anonymous

Introducing … Marie Chartreuse! New contributor to WineDrops.

It is rumoured that she was bestowed her unique name by a very specific friend at Whistler’s Cornucopia Wine Festival a few years ago (every girl dreams of having a Bond Girl name, oui?) 

She sees the lighter side of wine, and reminds us not to get too tangled up in degree days, Brix, ratings/scores or the latest way the government inflicts pain on everyone who is simply trying to make (and sell) an enjoyable bottle of wine.

Her first initiative is: the M.C. Wine Dictionary, launched in collaboration with some of the best peeps around (former WineMonkeys, in fact), with enthusiasm and the occasional twist of the tongue by such friends as Sir Paul Watkin (@agilepalate) and the irrepressible Keith Nicholson (@Keith_wineguy). Marie is proud to be the librarian curating the dictionary.

New contributions welcome! Just tweet @MarieChartreuse.