How can BC wineries and wine lovers benefit from the rapid growth forecast by Vinexpo? Part 3

A look across the border clearly demonstrates the promise of the direct-to-consumer shipping market (while noting that the US wine market is not without difficulties of its own). ShipCompliant’s 2012 report (available here) finds a “direct-to-consumer wine shipping marketplace that is now well established, though always evolving as new technologies and business models emerge.” The […]

What wines will Canadians be drinking in 2016? Part 1

In January 2013, Vinexpo – organiser of the immense biennial international wine fair in Bordeaux – released its annual study (here) of worldwide wine trends over the coming three years. Canada, it forecasts, will continue its impressive growth in wine consumption by 14.2% between 2012 and 2016 (it rose 14.5% between 2007 and 2011). This […]

Post Mortem: Status Quo in BC’s Managed Liquor System

The BC government announced in late September that the liquor distribution privatisation was a casualty of the collective bargaining agreement with its largest public sector union.  Thus ended a poorly designed process, for which government never clearly explained the end policy goal (in the February budget it was to sell off public real estate, but […]

Is the BC Wine Industry Competitive (Enough)?

BC wines are well-known and well-supported by BC consumers. However there appears to be a coming supply/demand/price crunch facing the industry. Broadly speaking, quality is improving, but prices continue to creep upwards, and the price/quality ratio deserves some critical attention.  There is some evidence that the BC consumer is close to tapped out.  While demand […]

Bill C-311 on Interprovincial Shipping of Wine – A Tiny Breath of Fresh Air

Last October, Dan Albas, Conservative MP for Okanagan-Coquihalla, introduced a private members bill, Bill C-311 on interprovincial shipping of wine, which would amend legislation dating back to 1928 – the Importation of Intoxicating Liquors Act – and effectively break the prohibition on sending (or carrying) wine across provincial boundaries in Canada. While limited in scope, […]

BC takes first tentative step in privatizing liquor in the province

On Tuesday February 21, BC Finance Minister Kevin Falcon surprised wine industry stakeholders and consumers by announcing the privatization of warehousing and distribution of liquor in British Columbia. Billed as a cost-saving measure in a belt-tightening budget, government will sell the assets (warehouses in Kamloops and Vancouver), and the associated distribution services to the private […]