The Curious Climbdown on BC’s Wine Markup

As part of the BC government’s ongoing wine and liquor reforms resulting from its Liquor Policy Review, a new wine wholesale price structure was announced in December 2014. The changes rested on two premises: that the price structure would “level the playing field” among various categories of retailer (licenced retail stores – LRS, private wine […]

New Rules Will Encourage Wine Tourism – How to Keep it Sustainable? Part 1

Part 1 – What are the economic benefits? The advance trickle of endorsements by the BC government of uncontroversial recommendations from the Liquor Policy Review continued in mid-December. Several of these were warmly welcomed in BC wine tourism circles.  Among the tourism-friendly announcements (also applicable to craft breweries and distilleries) were: streamlining producer licenses to […]

Comments to British Columbia’s Liquor Policy Review

October 28, 2013 Hon. John Yap Parliamentary Secretary for Liquor Policy Reform Province of British Columbia, East Annex, Parliament Buildings Victoria, BC  V7V 1X4 Via email to Dear Mr. Yap: Re:  Comments to British Columbia’s Liquor Policy Review The initiative taken by the Province to review BC’s antiquated liquor laws is welcome – for […]