Frank messages delivered at VIWF Symposium are helpful for Canadian wineries

The advice and opinions offered by the panel at the Vancouver International Wine Festival’s 2019 Symposium: Canada’s Place in Key Wine Markets should help hone Canadian producers’ strategies for developing export markets – and improve quality and competitiveness in domestic markets. The panel was comprised of six well-regarded wine personalities: ·      Janet Dorozynski, Global Affairs Canada […]

Notes from the 41st Vancouver International Wine Festival

VanWineFest 2019 is in the books. Here are notes on five topics arising from my travels around the Festival’s Trade Days Conference, the tasting room, and conversations with some of the fascinating characters who assembled in Vancouver. The wine world was indeed here! 1. Distribution issues are front and centre. There is a simmering anger […]

Is it really more expensive to purchase wine in British Columbia?

A small, anecdotal comparison shopping experience says “Yes”. (With apologies, herewith another wine price comparison article. It’s unscientific, but illustrative, and a good reminder of how much British Columbians pay for beverage alcohol.) I visited my brother and family in southern Ontario over the Christmas holidays, and to improve my chances of being invited back next year, […]

B.C. Government in a Bind on Liquor Reform

Has pressure on the British Columbia government finally passed a tipping point to force true liquor policy and regulatory reform?   The British Columbia government finds itself in a real bind on liquor policy. Pressure on it has been mounting, among industry stakeholders and within some of Canada’s most weighty institutions. The admirably blunt January […]

Why did Alberta turn off the “spigot” on BC wine?

Very pleased that a condensed version of this article appeared as a Globe and Mail op-ed on February 8, 2018 (Alberta Banning B.C. Wine: The Sour Grapes Look Bad on Canada.) Here is the full version. That Alberta has announced a ban on the “import” of BC wine is shocking. That our Canadian federation has […]

What does the renewed US WTO wine trade challenge mean?

The United States Trade Representative filed a renewed complaint with the World Trade Organisation on September 28th, 2017 concerning British Columbia’s BC-only wine on grocery store shelves, setting the stage for a further 60 days of consultation with Canada. While re-filing a trade complaint is not a common step, it is possible to discern a strategy. The […]